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Jarrod's Pest Products is a Certified Authorized Dealer of B&G Professional Equipment, Supplies and Parts with best prices. If you are looking for the best prices on B&G Equipment and Supplies check us out. When purchasing a part for your spayer you may look at the B&G parts diagram and choose the part you want and click to buy it without having to know it's proper nomenclature or being forced to choose the part you need from hundreds of pictures of parts.

Our parts ordering system is the most accurate and most reliable way to purchase B&G parts for your sprayer, foamer, fogger, wand or valve. And of course if you need help you may always call our toll free number.

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Product Image Description Price
B&G Electric Duster M2250  
B&G's electric dust/granular applicator is ideal for applying a large volume of insecticidal dust or granules consistently over a broad area. Unsurpassed quality from B&G! This versatile unit has a 2-stage motor, a 3 lb. capacity tank, a flexible hose and an extension to give 24 inches of directional treatment.
Product code: J561
Price: $235.90
B&G Model 1152-A Hand Dust R  
Holds 2 qts of dust, includes 12 inch extention, included extention adds static charge to the dust.
Product code: J575
Price: $108.33
B&G Bulb Duster 1150  
Heavy duty precision dust and fine granular applicator. Heavy duty construction and quality will assure many, many years of professional operation.
Product code: J328
Price: $26.50
B&G Versaduster  
New Versa Duster from B&G is a very reliable power duster at an economical price. Great for all dust applications from Commercial Kitchens to Bedbug Treatments. Deliver just the amount you need. Dial pressure control.
Product code: J577
Price: $389.00
B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun  
B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun We sell all 3 models of the B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun Precision application of gel baits for cockroach and ant control. It dispenses a range of bait placement sizes available from a calibrated knob. THe Multi-dose gel bait gun has a consistent delivery with each trigger pull. The Deluxe model comes with a holster and it ...
Product code: J560
Price: $58.90
B&G D-50 Hose Unit  
Replacement Hose 48 inch for your B&G pump sprayer
Product code: J548
Price: $25.00
B&G 1 Gal Sprayer with Blue Pistol Nozzle #N114-S 11002400  
B&G sprayers are world class insecticide sprayers used by professional pest control and pest management companies around the world.
Product code: J503
Price: $442.00
B&G Sub-Slab Injector Tools  
Sub Slab Injectors and Rodding Tools The right tools to do the job right! Wide variety of models. Designed to meet current labeling requirements of all modern termiticides. Certified accurate. 360 degree tips spread about 12" in soil. Sub-slab Injector SSI-4 Versatool Value Order #11005965 Tool Height = 18 in" Internal Rod 1/2" 36...
Product code: J584
Price: $241.34
B&G IPM Bag Kit  
The new IPM Case instantly lets your customer know that you are a professional. Use it to organize all your IPM application tools so you'll not only look like a professional, but work like a professional, but work like one, too! Outer zipper pocket holds frequently used items like insect monitors and bait stations. Inner zipper compartm...
Product code: J585
Price: $89.95
B&G Termite Treatment Pipes  
Pipes for termite treatments. Part of the 400 Series from B&G, Fits Robco Termite Treatment Valves. Make quick and efficient work out of a termite treatment job. Each pipe comes with a quick connect end for easy changing of tips.
Product code: J530
Price: $49.95
B&G Sprayer Caddy  
Designed to hold your sprayer or Versafoamer HH in your service vehicle. Helps prevent damage or chemical spillage to your sprayer during transport.
Product code: J113
Price: $49.95
B&G Green Sprayer 1 Gallon  
The B&G Green Sprayer promotes a €œGreen Image€ to your customers. This sprayer can be used with all natural products, most common insecticides and non repellent type products. In addition to promoting a green image, with its green top and bottom, it allows the technician to easily identify the contents of the sprayer.
Product code: J495
Price: $242.00
B&G PestPro 2050 Backpack Sprayer  
Most spray tips on commercially availlabe backpack sprayers over apply pesticides up to 50%.
Product code: J576
Price: $193.50
B&G PestPro 4  Backpack Sprayer  
For 2014, we introduce the all new Pestpro IV Backpack. The exclusive drip free design eliminates the old problem with many backpack of dripping chemical on the operator when the pump begins to wear out.
Product code: J519
Price: $193.50
B&G Office Emergency Kit  
A great inventory system of B&G repair parts. Repair your B&Gs. Contains all the most common B&G Sprayer and fogger parts. Comes with an inventory sheet to make re-ordering easy.
Product code: J547
Price: $489.95
B&G Accu Spray Professional  
Portable 16-oz spray unit. For tight places and small jobs
Product code: J580
Price: $174.80
B&G VersaFoamer HH  
With the HHVersaFoamer you can make foam from your favorite insecticide, termiticide and treat inside wall voids, drains, carpenter bee holes and more. Produces thick foam. Comes with a free bottle of foamer concentrate.
Product code: J531
Price: $179.95
B&G 1 Gallon Primeline Sprayer  
The world famous B&G sprayer is available in a variety of models and with features that fit every pest control application. Built from the highest quality components, The B&G Sprayer is designed for years of dependable service.
Product code: J494
Price: $259.50
Jarrods Professional Sprayer  
The Jarrod's Professional Sprayer is available in a one or two gallon size. It is a heavy duty B&G sprayer for both the homeowner as well as the pest management professional. The Jarrod's Professional Sprayer incorporates many of the same features as the B & G Classic Sprayer because it's manufacturer for us by B&G.
Product code: J112
Price: $34.95
B&G SRG-6 Perimeter Spray Gun  
The B&G Perimeter Spray Gun is one of the best chemical spray valves on the market. The B&G Perimeter Spray Gun Is made from high quality brass and stainless steel with interchangeable nozzles.
Product code: J663
Price: $116.95
B&G Versa Foamer 4000  
The B&G Versa Foamer 4000 lets you make your own chemical product mix and foam. Makes a large job quicker and more accurate. No hand pumping. Electric motor keeps the pressure up allowing you to continuously foam without stopping.
Product code: J578
Price: $440.00
B&G 1 Quart Heavy Duty Pesticide Sprayer LT-1.5  
The B&G Heavy Duty 1 Quart Sprayer is designed to give you years of dependable service. Replacement parts available through this website.
Product code: J496
Price: $19.95
B&G Komfort Grip Brass Handle  
Replacement handle for the B&G Classic Sprayer Add a B&G Komfort Grip handle to your sprayer. Reduce fatigue Identify product Great for replacements Feels Non-slip grip
Product code: J559
Price: $31.99
Robco QCG 400 Series Valve Gun  
For the delivery of termiticides. Pressure valve at port, stainless steel and brass construction, doubles as a perimeter spray gun.
Product code: J528
Price: $121.50
B&G Quick Connect Kit  
Quick change out of valves in the field, no tools required.
Product code: J557
Price: $34.90
B&G Extenda Ban Replacement Parts  
B&G Extenda Ban Replacement Parts Click the picture above and choose the part you need, then click on the corresponding radio button to select the part, choose quantity, then click add to cart. Please allow up to three days for shipment. If you would like to purchase more that one of an item do this. Choose the radio button beside the p...
Product code: J566
Price: $61.49
B&G Versa Tool  
"Old Reliable" Economical and durable. The original valve for termite rodding and sub-slab injection.
Product code: J540
Price: $187.80
B&G Tank Replacement Parts  
B&G Official Replacement Parts. Choose the part you need from a large chart picture. Then click on the corresponding radio button to order.
Product code: J565
Price: $134.95
B&G Versa Gun Termite Treatment Tool  
Can be purchased individually as a replacement or is sold as part of the B&G 400 Series Termite Tools Kit.
Product code: J529
Price: $184.34
B&G Extenda-ban Spray Wand  
B&G Extenda-ban Spray Wand - B&G Genuine replacement parts
Product code: J504
Price: $174.95
B&G Standard 400 Termite Tools Tips  
Standard 400 Series B&G Termite Tools Tip Replacement tips for the new 400 Termite Tools Kits: Purchase each tip individually. Tips Features: Stainless steel construction Wide variety of sizes Designed fo a wide range of applications Tips are calibrated at 20 psi Precision machined. Replacement Tips for the...
Product code: J536
Price: $24.95
B&G Sprayer Tune Up Kit  
B&G Sprayer Tune Up Kit Save 20% over purchasing individual parts when you purchase this Kit. Choose your tip configuration Keeps your sprayer in perfect working order Apply pesticides that meet labeling requirements without over-application. Instructional DVD on how to clean and repair your sprayer. Both Kits come with this GD-12...
Product code: J556
Price: $49.18
B&G Sprayer Cleaning Kit  
Extend the life of your B&G Sprayer with the Official B&G Sprayer Cleaning Kit.
Product code: J558
Price: $19.95
B&G 114 Ban Drip-valve Pistol Spray Gun  
Replace the wand on your B&G sprayer with the original Pistol Spray Gun. Or order your new B&G with this pistol included.
Product code: J501
Price: $149.95
B&G 2400 ULV Fogger  
The droplet size available with the 2400 and 2600 models extends from a power-mist (56 micron droplets) to ULV (20-35 micron droplets). The output and droplet size of these models can be easily selected with the adjustment knob on the nozzle. Equipment only, liquid fogging agent must be purchased separately.
Product code: J333
Price: $236.50
B&G Portable Aerosol System 1640  
The B&G Portable Aerosol System Delivery Unit Commercial (1640 PAS) gives you a deep penetrating aerosol type spray that allows you to apply long lasting residual insecticides in an aerosol form, which will save you lots of money over buying aerosol cans.
Product code: J526
Price: $670.00
B&G MY-TI-LITE 2300 Fogger  
This entry level B&G 2300 fogger will do most fogging applications. Non-ULV fogger. Equipment only, liquid fogging agent must be purchased separately.
Product code: J332
Price: $215.00
B&G 2600 ULV Fogger  
This heavy-duty ULV fogger from B&G is used for flying insect control around the world. The 2600 ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of its compact size, stability, and the 1.5 gal. capacity.
Product code: J334
Price: $298.50
B&G Lo Line Insect Trap  
Large insect trap with a low profile, fits under appliances and in confined spaces. Attracts roaches, silverfish, centipedes, earwigs, bedbugs.
Product code: J579
Price: $14.95
B&G GD-124 Gasket Kit  
The B&G GD-124 Gasket Kit (22050100) contains the following parts for the B&G Prime Line Sprayer and Extenda Ban Wand: One #23 Check Valve p/n PV-266 o/n 22027200 One #21 Pump Gasketp/n P-268k o/n 22028000 One #19 Spreader Platep/n NP-270 o/n 22028600 One #18 Polypropylene Cupp/n NP-277 o/n 22029000 One #13 Lock Springp/n P-276 o/n 22...
Product code: J124GD
Price: $36.95
B&G XR Valve  
B&G XR Valve for sprayers, and back pack sprayers
Product code: J049
Price: $63.75
B&G 5800 C&C Tip w/ 5700-B Straw  
B&G 5800 C&C Tip w/ 5700-B Straw
Product code: J069
Price: $34.95
B&G SRG Rebuild Kit 34601-v  
Seal rebuild kit for B&G srg
Product code: J073
Price: $19.95
B&G Cart Mounted Portable Aerosol System  
This cart mounted system features a 3 gallon stainless tank and a 15 ft. self coiling hose and can be used for anything from sanitation jobs to large pest control infestations. Made by B&G so you know it's a quality piece of equipment that will last for years. Special order item, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Product code: J117
Price: $989.00
B&G Foot Ram Splash-Guard  
This B&G Foot Ram Splash guard prevents liquid termitide from shooting back out of vertical drill holes and splashing the operator.
Product code: J133
Price: $9.95
B&G Check Valve #22071605  
This genuine B&G Check Valve #22071605 provides protection against chemical drip during application. Designed to meet current labeling requirements of all modern termiticides.
Product code: J134
Price: $29.95
B&G D-Ring (22070220)  
D-ring for older model B&G sprayers (22070220)
Product code: J064
Price: $9.95
B&G Ban Drip Valve Genuine Replacement Parts  
These are genuine B&G replacement parts for the B&G Ban Drip Valve.
Product code: J208
Price: $96.00
B&G Rodent Cafe  
The B&G Rodent Bait Station is a great tamper resistant bait station. This station will accommodate both rats and mice.
Product code: J506
Price: $18.99
B&G Adjustable Tip  
B&G Adjustable tIP
Product code: J600
Price: $9.95