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B&G Termite tools are some of the best quality in today termite control industry.  Whether it be the B&G 400 series termite tools, the B&G subslab Injectors or their top of the line Foamers, B&G Equipment has thought of almost everything a termite technician could need or want in todays industry.  Here at Jarrod's Pest Products, we carry an extensive line of these B&G termite tools at low prices and we keep most all items in stock and ready to ship the day you place the order so less waiting than the other guys out there.  We also sell all the parts need to keep your B&G termites tools running smooth for year after year of dependable service.
Product Image Description Price
B&G VersaFoamer HH  
With the HHVersaFoamer you can make foam from your favorite insecticide, termiticide and treat inside wall voids, drains, carpenter bee holes and more. Produces thick foam. Comes with a free bottle of foamer concentrate.
Product code: J531
Price: $179.95
B&G Termite Treatment Pipes  
Pipes for termite treatments. Part of the 400 Series from B&G, Fits Robco Termite Treatment Valves. Make quick and efficient work out of a termite treatment job. Each pipe comes with a quick connect end for easy changing of tips.
Product code: J530
Price: $49.95
B&G Versa Foamer 4000  
The B&G Versa Foamer 4000 lets you make your own chemical product mix and foam. Makes a large job quicker and more accurate. No hand pumping. Electric motor keeps the pressure up allowing you to continuously foam without stopping.
Product code: J578
Price: $440.00
B&G Sub-Slab Injector Tools  
Sub Slab Injectors and Rodding Tools The right tools to do the job right! Wide variety of models. Designed to meet current labeling requirements of all modern termiticides. Certified accurate. 360 degree tips spread about 12" in soil. Sub-slab Injector SSI-4 Versatool Value Order #11005965 Tool Height = 18 in" Internal Rod 1/2" 36...
Product code: J584
Price: $241.34
Robco QGC 400 Series Valve Gun  
For the delivery of termiticides. Pressure valve at port, stainless steel and brass construction, doubles as a perimeter spray gun.
Product code: J528
Price: $121.50
B&G Versa Gun Termite Treatment Tool  
Can be purchased individually as a replacement or is sold as part of the B&G 400 Series Termite Tools Kit.
Product code: J529
Price: $184.34
B&G Versa Tool  
"Old Reliable" Economical and durable. The original valve for termite rodding and sub-slab injection.
Product code: J540
Price: $187.80
B&G Standard 400 Termite Tools Tips  
Standard 400 Series B&G Termite Tools Tip Replacement tips for the new 400 Termite Tools Kits: Purchase each tip individually. Tips Features: Stainless steel construction Wide variety of sizes Designed fo a wide range of applications Tips are calibrated at 20 psi Precision machined. Replacement Tips for the...
Product code: J536
Price: $24.95
B&G Series 400 Termite Tools Kit  
This Termite Treatment Tool Kit include one valve of your choice, pipe set of your choice, a four piece tip set and built in quick change for fast tip exchange.
Product code: J537
Price: $265.80
B&G Check Valve #22071605  
This genuine B&G Check Valve #22071605 provides protection against chemical drip during application. Designed to meet current labeling requirements of all modern termiticides.
Product code: J134
Price: $29.95