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Fly Control Products

Use professional grade fly control products to control fly populations in varius situations. Commercial fly light traps, restuarant fruit fly and drain fly control. House flies, fly sprays, fly traps fly liquid concentrates, fly foam and more. See below for Fly control products.

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Product Image Description Price
Nectar Fly Light Replacement Glue Boards (12 Pack)  
This glueboard fits the Nectar Fly Light fly trap. GlupacĀ® glueboards are designed to perfectly complement your Synergetic glueboard or decorative flylight, offering consistently high standards of performance and quick servicing times.
Product code: J2188
Price: $44.90
Apache Fly Bait Station  
This Star Bar Apache Fly Bait Station enables you put out fly bait such as Golden Malrin and Maxforce Fly Bait without spreading it on the ground where children or pets may come into contact with the bait. Using a fly bait station is safer than using the bait as a "scatterbait" where non target entities could accidentally ingest it.
Product code: J525
Price: $12.95
FBS-1 Fly Bait Station  
The FBS-1 Fly Bait Station is an innovative new bait station made specifically for granular fly bait. The station can be mounted on fences, walls or other surfaces near dumpsters, behind restaurants or in other places where flies are a problem. The FBS Fly Bait Station has a locking lid that only allows flies to enter, protecting the bait from the elements, children and pets.
Product code: J430
Price: $12.90
Aura Fly Light Fly Trap  
The Aura fly light is stylish and contemporary and ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications. The glue board stays hidden from view. Ideal for use within cafes, restaurants ,bars and hotels, the Aura offers an elegant, modern aesthetic alongside innovative, easy-to-service features and maximum efficacy.
Product code: J2185
Price: $145.99
Allure 30 Watt Electric Grid Fly Light  
the Allure 30 Watt electric grid fly light is a truly unique bug zapper that releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 60% more useful UV light output than traditional flylights using the same power UV bulbs. The Allure Fly Light was independently tested and was found to catch 448% more flies than any other 30 watt fly light.
Product code: J2191
Price: $298.99
Universal Fly Light Replacement Glue Boards - 1 Pack/6 Glue boards - (Black) BOAMAN 853 (PestWest)  
The Universal Glue Board from PestWest fits a wide variety of commercial insect light fly traps. No messy glues on hands or clothes. Designed to last a full 60 days. The preferred board for all non-chemical applications.
Product code: J2142
Price: $24.99
TimeMist Model 1000 Aerosol Dispenser  
This TimeMist dispenser operates on 2 D-cell batteries and is able to accept both the 6.6 oz. and 7.3 oz. TimeMist refill canisters. Refills last a full 30 days. Sprays at pre-set 15 minute intervals.
Product code: J527D
Price: $45.99
Tempo Ultra WP  
Tempo Ultra WP is the fastest-acting insect control on the market. This product delivers consistent results with fast knockdown and long residual. And nothing is more effective. Kills over 100 insect pests faster than any other product.
Product code: J597
Price: $69.99
Fly Light Large Plastic Glueboard GB013 (6 pack)  
The GB013 is constructed of plastic and is used in the Halo Aqua 45 fly light. The board is infused with the insect pheromone Tricozene Z9 for an improved catch.
Product code: J2193
Price: $35.50
Sticky Tiger 219GT Professional Fly Light Fly Trap  
The 219GT Sticky Tiger from Gilbert Industries outcatches competitors as a wall-mount or portable. Features silent operation and capture and double-glueboard capacity at a low, stunless price.
Product code: J2214
Price: $199.99
220 Guerilla Electrocuting Fly Light  
The 220 Guerilla fly light is an electrocuting fly light fly trap and with its multi purpose design can be wall mounted horizontally (about waist high) where it retains its effectiveness and makes it easy to service or placed low on the floor where it significantly is more effective at catching flies. This unit is lightweight and beautifully finished in anodized aluminum and takes the fight to the enemy.
Product code: J2215
Price: $349.00
Clean Air Purge III Metered Aerosol - 7.3 oz. can  
Clean Air Purge III cartridges last a full 30 days for full time flying insect killing power. These are the replacement cartridges for the Timemist dispenser and cans are 7.3 oz.
Product code: J622
Price: $15.70
Night Eagle 605 Professional Electrocuting Fly Light  
The Night Eagle 605 is designed for use primarily in warehouses near large, overhead dock doors. The Night Eagle kills insects that fly in wide, circular flight patterns like moths and flies though it is also good at eliminating mosquitos and midges as well.
Product code: J2216
Price: $599.00
The TUB13W458 fits the Sundew and Sunburst Fly Lights from Pest West.
Product code: J2209
Price: $24.99
Mavrik Perimeter  
Mavrik Perimeter Insecticide is a great outdoor use only insecticide that works well against most outdoor pests. Use Mavrik Perimeter on the outside of your home so bugs don't get a chance to get in.
Product code: J631
Price: $39.00
Night Hawk 705 Professional Fly Light  
The Night Hawk electric fly light eliminates all but the wildest night time insect flyers. Use the Night Hawk 705 electrocuting fly light in most shipping/receiving and dock areas. Hang from the ceiling when low, wall mounted traps aren't an option
Product code: J2217
Price: $489.99
Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap  
Natural Catch controls fruit flies with a safe, easy-to-use, non-toxic, patented design. Made of FDA approved food grade material, For maximum effectivemess Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps should be replaced every 30 days.
Product code: J572
Price: $9.90
The Don 601T Professional Electrocuting Fly Light  
The Don Electrocuting Fly Light is ideal for corner or low wall mounting in shipping/receiving and warehouse/dock areas. It has 80 watts of insect attracting power in it's (2) 40 watt UV lamps. The Don is beautifully finished in anodized aluminum and has an interlock switch that automatically shuts off the unit when the service door is opened.
Product code: J2218
Price: $337.50
Edge Fly Light  
The Edge fly light has been developed to be the most effective fly light glueboard trap on the market today. It has been proven to attract and catch 31.5% more flies than other comparable fly lights. The Edge has an effective coverage area of 1,300 sq. ft.
Product code: J2208
Price: $255.49
Sticky Bear 747GT Fly Light Fly Trap  
The Sticky Bear 747GT fly light fly trap holds up to 4 large or standard size glueboards and operates silently while it eliminates flies and other flying insects. For use in warehouses, commercial kitchens, shipping/receiving, food preparation and trash collection areas.
Product code: J2219
Price: $275.50
Quantum Replacement Fly Light Bulb 36 Watt Plasma  
Quantum replacement bulb for Mantis Uplight Max 36, BASF
Product code:
Price: $19.99
Sticky Fox 225GT Fly Light Fly Trap  
The Sticky Fox fly light fly trap uses discreet glue board technology to capture and hold flies and other flying insects. For wall mount or under counter installation. Place trap between 3 and 5 feet off the ground for maximum effectiveness.
Product code: J2220
Price: $224.99
Halo 45 Watt Aqua Fly Light  
The Halo 45 Watt Aqua is a highly effective fly light and is suitable for use in harsh environments that may require hosing down. This IP45 model incorporates FEP coated shatterproof bulbs and a robust construction, while maintaining a contemporary design.
Product code: J2192
Price: $257.95
EndZone Insecticide Sticker  
Endzone Insecticide Stickers delivers discreet targeted fly control where it's needed most. Knocks down flies in one minute and remains effective indoors for up to 7 months. Just peel and stick where needed.
Product code: J625
Price: $52.13
Insect Inn II Ultra Fly Light  
The Insect Inn Ultra II looks like a stylish wall sconce. Your customers won't know it's a powerful 30 watt flying insect trap that catches flies, midges, gnats, mosquitos and other flying insects. The Insect Inn II uses a scrolling cartridge that always has new, fresh sticky paper available so no flies get away.
Product code: J2200
Price: $199.99
Nectar Fly Light Shatterproof Replacement Bulb (TGX15-18S)  808545  
This shatterproof bulb fits the Synergetic Nectar Fly light, Edge Fly Lght and other fly lights that call for the TGX15-18S bulb. The recommended life of this bulb is approximately 8000 hours. As UV lights age they begin to lose their effective attractant value and must be replaced, usually after 12 months.
Product code: J2187
Price: $20.75
Sector Misting Concentrate  
Sector provides fast knockdown and kill of the toughest flying insect problems. Kills flies and mosquitoes as well as other nuisance insects. Sector uses Permethrin with a synergist PBO for a high level of performance.
Product code: J632
Price: $64.25
Genus Spectra Compact Fly Light  
The Genus Spectra uses glue board technology to capture and kill flies and other small flying insects. It is not a traditional bug zapper that electrocutes and explodes insects sending bug parts flying everywhere...it catches flies and other small flying insects and holds them securely and out of sight.
Product code: J700C
Price: $138.95
5" x 22" White Glue Board by Gilbert 24 Pack (781355)  
This glueboard fits the following Gilbert fly light models: 219GT, 225GT, 601D-GT, 601GT, 747GT, 2002GT, 2004GT. It is a white glue board and makes insect counts easy.
Product code: J102
Price: $53.20
Aura Replacement Light Bulb TGX22  
Aura Replacement Light Bulb TGX22 The Aura Replacement Light Bulb is a 22 watt circular lamp that fits the Aura Fly Light fly trap. Made by Synergetics, it has an effective range of 432 sq. ft.
Product code: J2189
Price: $25.50
Stick A Fly Glue Fly Trap  
The Stick A Fly Glue Fly Trap captures nuisance flies with no mess, no poison and no toxic sprays. It's more convenient than fly paper and costs practically nothing compared to a conventional fly light. Place anywhere that pesky flies are a problem.
Product code: J2194
Cyper WSP  
Cyper WSP is a professional general purpose insecticide that kills ants, roaches, silverfish, mites, ticks, fleas, flies and other insects listed on the label. Cyper WSP comes in water soluble packets that dissolve easily in water.
Product code: J822
Price: $8.85