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Gold Safety Kit  
Chemical resistant safety suit includes everything you need to mix, apply and use insecticide misting or fogging chemicals safely. This model is designed for application of chemical mist or fogging products. Protects during bat dropping clean-up too.
Product code: J510
Price: $109.63
Advance Termite Bait Station Key  
The SpiderTermite Station Access tool is the key that is necessary for the removal of the lids for the Advance Termite Bait Station. These keys will only fit the Advance Termite Bait Stations.
Product code: J314
Price: $29.90
Todol Pageris Foam Gun  
The Pageris Foam Gun is a professional grade stainless steel gun used to apply low expansion foam.
Product code: J478
Price: $118.00
Robco QCG 400 Series Valve Gun  
For the delivery of termiticides. Pressure valve at port, stainless steel and brass construction, doubles as a perimeter spray gun.
Product code: J528
Price: $121.50
Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves  
Nitrile Unlined Chemical Resistant Gloves protect against pesticides and abrasives, and contain treads on the palms and fingers for non-slip protection, allowing you to handle chemicals with peace of mind.
Product code: J505
Price: $4.50
Chemical Resistant Unlined Rubber Gloves  
Chemical Resistant Unlined rubber gloves. Protects your hands when mixing and applying chemical products.
Product code: J473
Price: $17.99
Aura Replacement Light Bulb TGX22  
Aura Replacement Light Bulb TGX22 The Aura Replacement Light Bulb is a 22 watt circular lamp that fits the Aura Fly Light fly trap. Made by Synergetics, it has an effective range of 432 sq. ft.
Product code: J2189
Price: $25.50
Duke Safety Grip Tool  
The Duke Safety Tool keeps the jaws of body grip traps locked in the set position until ready to be deployed. Great for setting traps underwater where a small stick could accidentally fire the trap.Works on the 330's all the way down to the 160's.
Product code: J2174
Price: $6.99
5" x 22" White Glue Board by Gilbert 24 Pack (781355)  
This glueboard fits the following Gilbert fly light models: 219GT, 225GT, 601D-GT, 601GT, 747GT, 2002GT, 2004GT. It is a white glue board and makes insect counts easy.
Product code: J102
Price: $53.20
Nectar Fly Light Shatterproof Replacement Bulb (TGX15-18S)  808545  
This shatterproof bulb fits the Synergetic Nectar Fly light, Edge Fly Lght and other fly lights that call for the TGX15-18S bulb. The recommended life of this bulb is approximately 8000 hours. As UV lights age they begin to lose their effective attractant value and must be replaced, usually after 12 months.
Product code: J2187
Price: $20.75
Duke Set Tool  
The Duke Set tool is an accessory device that compresses the springs on the larger Duke Body Grip traps. Any springs above the #110 are easily compressed so the operator can set the trap safely and quickly. It's one more way to help you not have any painful accidents.
Product code: J2175
Price: $16.99
Bird Gard Pro #1  
The Bird Gard system broadcasts a range of bird distress calls, predator calls and random digital noise that keeps birds away by making them feel threatened and uncomfortable. Bird Gard Pro #1 repels pigeons, starlings, sparrows and seagulls. System includes : Sound generating device with built in speaker, power adapter plus 50' cable. Enclosure is weatherproof Bracket for mounting
Product code: J2229
Price: $275.99
Powered Foundation Vent (Series 6)  
Termites and other insects thrive in humid "dead air" environments. Powered foundation vents control humidity and airflow to in basements and crawlspaces that are difficult to keep dry.
Product code: J551
Price: $178.99
Sundew and Sunburst Fly Light Replacement Glue Boards (Black 3/Pack) - (BOASMI855 754634)  
The BOASMI855 replacement glueboard fits the Sundew and Sunburst models of fly lights by Pest West. Glue boards are black for discreet insect management in front of house applications like restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, hotels, motels and anywhere that flying insects are a problem.
Product code: J2210
Price: $25.50
Powered Foundation Vent Control Unit  
This kit is necessary to control Temp Vent Series 6 Powered Foundation Vents. Included is a power supply unit, humidistat, thermostat and (2) 25 ft. cables to connect components.
Product code: J550
Price: $249.99
Agrilaser Lite  
The Agrilaser® Lite repels most bird species including: pigeons and doves, crows, starlings, sparrows, orioles, ducks, geese, swans, jays, magpies, crows, ravens, swallows, finches and woodpeckers. Birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical danger and fly away in search for safer grounds. Unlike conventional methods of bird deterrence, there will be no habituation effect. After consistent use, birds will perceive the area as unsafe and will not return.
Product code: J2228
Price: $525.19
The TUB13W458 fits the Sundew and Sunburst Fly Lights from Pest West.
Product code: J2209
Price: $24.99
Pest Plug Home Combo Kit  
Pest Plug is a tightly woven stainless steel wool fiber that keep rats, mice and insects out of homes, apartments, condo's, agricultural and industrial buildings! Kits comes with (2) different size pieces, safety gloves, installation scissors and instructions.
Product code: J282
Price: $29.99
Pest Plug Medium Kit  
PestPlug is the best product for preventing unwanted pests into your home and is the choice of many Pest Control professionals. It is constructed of tightly woven stainless steel fibers and can be placed in gaps around utility pipes, holes in masonry and anywhere rodents and insect pests use to enter homes and commercial stuctures.
Product code: J2199
Price: $22.99
Bat House  
Bat houses are beneficial and give bats a place to live and raise their young. Bats eat thousands of insects per night and can reduce the insect population around your home. Bat houses also give bats an alternative to living in your attic or other structures and will reduce the possibility of human-bat contact.
Product code: J2202
Price: $59.99
Pest Plug Large Home Kit  
Pest Plug is constructed of stainless steel wool fibers that are mechanically interwoven to provide a barrier that is nearly impossible to chew through or remove. Pest Plug contains only stainless steel wool fibers that are so prickly and offensive that they keep nuisance pests out.
Product code: J2212
Price: $34.99
3 Section Extension Pole  
This 3 section extension pole reaches out to nearly 10 feet and is for use with our Cob Web Duster heads (available in yellow and blue). Now you can reach high areas and remove cob webs and dust safely without using ladders or chairs to balance on.
Product code: J2197
Price: $19.90
Complete Bee Suit  
The Complete bee suit is ideal for handling honey bees. It comes with coveralls that have elastic wrists and ankle gatherings, elbow length leather gloves and a mesh bee helmet with attached zippered veil.
Product code: J2221
Price: $124.95
Cob Web Duster  
This cob web duster is nearly identical to the Webster cob web duster. PVC plastic bristles mean that this cob web duster will be in service for a long time. This duster reaches hard to get to areas and removes cob webs as well as general dust and dirt.
Product code: J2195
Price: $7.95
Bird Gard Pro #2  
The Bird Gard system broadcasts a range of bird distress calls, predator calls and random digital noise that keeps birds away by making them feel threatened and uncomfortable. Use Bird-Gard Pro #2 to repel blackbirds, grackles, crows, cormorants and ravens. System includes : Sound generating device with built in speaker, power adapter plus 50' cable. Enclosure is weatherproof and includes bracket for mounting
Product code: J2230
Price: $275.99
Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun  
The Todol Pur Shooter foam gun is the starter model in the Todol Foam Gun line of products. It is inexpensive, all metal and heavy duty. Use this gun to dispense Pur Black or similar foam product to cracks and crevices to seal up insect and rodent entry points.
Product code: J074
Price: $44.50
Bird Gard Pro Extra Speaker  
For use with Bird Gard Pro, Pro Plus and Super Pro. Maximum coverage 1.5 acres. Comes with 100 ft. (31 meters) of cable. May Be "daisy-chained" to extend coverage distance from control unit. NOTE: Not for use with Bird Gard Super Pro PA4
Product code: J2231
Price: $99.00
High Quality Safari, Jungle and Bee Keepers Pith Helmet  
This high quality safari and jungle pith helmet is not a toy or an accessory for a costume. This is the same type of professional pith helmet that is used in jungle exploration, archaeological digs and for working in the desert. Ventilated mesh keeps the user cool and the built in sweatband keeps the sweat under control. It is so lightweight and comfortable you won't even know you're wearing it!
Product code: J2019
Price: $26.95
Solar Bird Repeller  
The Solar Bird Repeller is a solar powered bird deterrent that uses motion to prevent large birds from landing. A solar panel powers a 5-foot telescoping “arm” mounted above the unit that spins continuously. Birds will be frightened by the movement and will avoid the area.
Product code: J 2233
Price: $104.99
Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher Kit  
The Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher is a humane capture net used to trap and release birds. It uses compressed air cartridges to launch a weighted net up to 60 feet. The net launched has a 2” mesh that can be used to trap any size bird. The Super Talon net can be re-used over and over and comes complete with a carrying case and all the necessary components.
Product code: J2234
Price: $1,599.25
Jarrod's Deluxe Squirrel Food  
The 1 lb. bag of Jarrod's Squirrel Food contains corn, seeds and nuts that squirrels love. Use as a treat for your furry friends in the back yard or as a bait if trying to trap them for relocation. Wholesome, healthy food for squirrels at a price that won't break the bank!
Product code: J651
Price: $10.00
Safeguard 53800 Turtle Trap  
The Safeguard TurtleTrap is designed to capture nuisance turtles from residential and commercial properties. Dimensions: 20"W x 18"H x 30"L. This trap can be used in the water as well as dry land.
Product code: J820
Price: $279.00
Jarrod's Home Pro Sprayer Repair Kit  
Jarrod's Home Pro Sprayer Repair Kit Jarrod's economical Home Sprayer repair kit can get your sprayer back in action pronto. Everything you need for expected repairs over time is in this rebuild kit. Buy it now or buy it later, eventually you will need it.      
Product code: J131
Price: $8.95