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5" x 22" White Glue Board by Gilbert 24 Pack (781355)  
This glueboard fits the following Gilbert fly light models: 219GT, 225GT, 601D-GT, 601GT, 747GT, 2002GT, 2004GT. It is a white glue board and makes insect counts easy.
Product code: J102
Price: $53.20
Safeguard Humane Pigeon Trap 53490  
This Safeguard Pigeon Trap features 8 outer doors and can hold up to 30 pigeons. Top hinged door allows for easy unloading of captured pigeons.
Product code: J1100
Price: $149.99
Safeguard Humane Folding Pigeon Trap 53500  
This folding pigeon trap from Safeguard has 12 outer and 4 inner doors and can hold up to 100 pigeons.
Product code: J1101
Price: $235.00
Duke Set Tool  
The Duke Set tool is an accessory device that compresses the springs on the larger Duke Body Grip traps. Any springs above the #110 are easily compressed so the operator can set the trap safely and quickly. It's one more way to help you not have any painful accidents.
Product code: J2175
Price: $16.99
Duke DP Dog Proof Raccoon Trap  
The Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap has a completely enclosed triggering system that won't allow dogs or other neighborhood pets to fire the trap. A heavy duty swivel chain keeps the trap in place after staking.
Product code: J2176
Price: $20.25
Duke Safety Grip Tool  
The Duke Safety Tool keeps the jaws of body grip traps locked in the set position until ready to be deployed. Great for setting traps underwater where a small stick could accidentally fire the trap.Works on the 330's all the way down to the 160's.
Product code: J2174
Price: $6.99