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Pantry Pest Kits

Pantry pest problems can be difficult to prevent because they often come in on the food you buy.  Also getting rid of items in your pantry and cupboards that you haven’t used in a long time can help prevent stored product pests from severely infesting your home.  If pantry pests have infested your property and you have been unsuccessful in eliminating them on your own,try these pantry pest kits.

Product Image Description Price
Commercial Pantry Pest Kit  
Commercial Kitchen pest elimination kit. Restaurants and kitchens use this kit to eliminate stored product pests like Indian Meal Moths and Drain Flies.
Product code: J636
Price: $68.67
Drione Pyrethrin Insecticide Dust  
Drione Dust is a desiccant dust that provides quick control over many household pests such as ants, cockroaches, silver fish, bedbugs, fleas, lice, bees and stored product pests. Use in residences, institutions, food plants and granaries.
Product code: J415
Price: $43.00