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Use Roach aerosols to flush roaches from their hiding places without having to take the hiding place object apart or move the object. Example roaches hide under the refrigerator and other appliances. So instead of moving the appliance, shoot some aerosol flusher under it and see if you get roaches to run. Some flushing aerosols contain a residual product and will last for about 5 to 7 days depending on the product.

Do not spray an aerosol into an electrical appliance like a phone or a computer. The appliance will most likely be damaged beyond repair.

  • use an aerosol to flush roaches from those area and locate a nest.
    • Flushing helps locate a roach nest which is an important part of any roach elimination and control.
  • Another good use for an aerosol is to USE IN A FOOD HANDLING AREA WHERE residuals can't be used.
Product Image Description Price
CB PCO Pyrethrin Total Release Fogger Bomb 5 oz. Can  
CB PCO Total Release Fogger with Pyrethrins effectively removes all cockroaches, fleas, ticks, houseflies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, crickets, or silverfish within the confines of the fumigated area.
Product code: J594
Price: $8.50
FastOut CS Insect Foam (20 oz. Can)  
FastOut CS Foam is the only micro-encapsulated, ready-to-use insecticide foam with non-repellent residual activity. Non-repellant means that insects will pass right through the foam or the residual without detecting the insecticide. FastOut CS comes with a broad label that controls termites and 34 other common insect pests.
Product code: J338
Price: $21.75
Precor Plus 2000 Flea Spray with IGR 16 oz. Can  
Precor 2000® Plus with fan spray nozzle kills adult fleas, hatching flea eggs, flea larvae, and ticks.
Product code: J030
Price: $19.51
CB-80 Aerosol Insecticide17-oz. Can  
With its ideal 8:1 synergist to Pyrethrin ratio, CB-80™ has earned an outstanding reputation. Ideal as a space or crack and crevice spray.
Product code: J022
Price: $22.50
ECOPCO AR-X Aerosol 17oz. Can  
ECO PCO AR-X Aerosol is a multi-purpose insectide used to kill Ants, Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Cockroaches, Crickets, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders and Wood Wasps
Product code: J605
Price: $21.89
Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol  20 oz. Can  
Alpine pressurized insecticide is the only Reduced Risk non repellent aerosol labeled for use against crawling and flying insects.
Product code: J025
Price: $23.70
PI Aerosol 18 oz. Can  
Provides quick knockdown and kill of crawling and flying insects including bed bugs, cockroaches and flies. P.I features the botanical insecticide, Pyrethrins, and is labeled for indoor, outdoor and food handling areas.
Product code: J021
Price: $23.00
Fireback Spider Control & Scorpion Spray and Jet (17 oz. Spray Can)  
Spider Control & Scorpion Spray & Jet - Smart Can Technology includes Fan Spray, Pin Stream, Any Angle Spray & Cap Holder.
Product code: J488
Price: $17.95
Fireback Bedbug and Insect Mattress Spray (17 oz Aerosol Can)  
Fireback Bedbug and Insect spray gives immediate knockdown of bedbugs and other mattress insects like mites and lice.
Product code: J490
Price: $14.95
Pro-Citra - DL Organic Insecticide 17.5 oz Aerosol Spray Can  
MotherEarth ProCitra-DL is a botanical-based insecticide ideal for Crack & Crevice and spot treatment in both food and nonfood handling areas. It controls a wide variety of pests including ants, cockroaches, fleas and spiders and may be used in sensitive accounts such as schools, nursing homes, food processing plants, hospitals and government buildings. A botanical insectide that really works!
Product code: J591
Price: $163.80
Talstar Aerosol  
Talstar Aerosol CRACK AND CREVICE AND SPOT APPLICATION: For Crack and Crevice: Inject spray into cracks, crevices where insects may be harboring or breeding. Spray into hiding places including cracks, crevices, moist areas, openings around pipes and sinks, under refrigerators, behind baseboards, coffee makers, and meter boxes. Use injector tip, r...
Product code: J590
Price: $17.95
PT 221L Residual Aerosol Insecticide  
PT 221L Aerosol is a great residual aerosol to be used in homes, food handling establishments, and anywhere where an infestation might be occurring. PT 221L's residual properties make it a formidable weapon against infesting insects because it kills on contact, flushes the insects out, and will keep killing for a number of days.
Product code: J589
Price: $19.95
Pro Control Plus Total Release Fogger Bomb  
Pro Control Plus will leave a residual that can continue to kill for up to 8 weeks. Be careful not to use this product in common living areas or near kitchens or food handling areas. Pro Control Plus is meant to be used in areas such as storage facilities, attics, crawl spaces, garages and the like. You should use Pro Control for use in common livi...
Product code: J593
Price: $9.50
Eco PCO ACU Aerosol Contact Kill Insecticide 17oz Cans  
ECO PCO ACU Aerosol is a great organic aerosol spray to contact kill many different kinds of pests including: Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Silverfish, Ticks, Pantry Pest and many many more!
Product code: J428
Price: $18.35
Gentrol Aerosol  IGR  
GENTROL® AEROSOL is non-repellent and should be considered an important component in a cockroach baiting program. Baits are an important part of a total cockroach control program but are not a complete solution. GENTROL® AEROSOL can reach those nymphs that fail to forage to baits and the IGR stimulates eggbearing females to leave the harborage and feed.
Product code: J027
Price: $19.98
Zenprox Aerosol  
Zenprox Aerosol is a great contact kill insecticide aerosol with a broad label. Zenprox Aerosol is great for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, and more pests.
Product code: J595
Price: $17.95
Topia Insecticide Aerosol  
Topia is the first completely organic aerosol product from FMC, utilizing the powerful plant extract Geraniol to eliminate pests through contact. This water-based aerosol has low odor and low persistence in the environment, making it an ecologically-friendly alternative to other insecticides. As a 25B exempt product, Topia insecticide requires no federal registration.
Product code: J024
Price: $23.99
Phantom PI Aerosol  
Phantom PI Aerosol is a great aerosol spray that not only kills on contact but also has a residual effect for 20-30 days after the application is made. This product is great to use on many pests including bed bugs.
Product code: J426
Price: $23.10
PT 565 Plus XLO  
565 Plus XLO is a broad spectrum insecticide for bed bugs, ants, moths, beetles and more. Low odor, quick knock down, low residual. A great contact killing flushing aerosol.
Product code: J020
Price: $25.60
Pro Control Total Release Fogger Bomb  
Pro Control Total Release Aerosol Insecticide provides quick knockdown and kill of crawling and flying insects. Each can covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
Product code: J032
Price: $8.95
MotherEarth Exempt Natural Aerosol Insecticide (17.5 oz Can)  
MotherEarth Exempt Contact Insecticide is formulated with a blend of plant oils for optimal performance. It is labeled for a wide range of pests including ants, bed bugs, beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, millipedes, mites, silverfish, spiders, termites, ticks, wasps and other flying insects.
Product code: J2121