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All Natural Bedbug Killer Kit  
Natural organic products to kill bedbugs dead. Safe around children and pest. Great knock down and residual killing power make this kit desirable to pest control operators nationwide.
Product code: J511
Price: $89.95
Commercial Bed bug Kit  
The perfect bed bug killing combination. This kit will treat 12 to 24 bedrooms. Ideal for apartments, hotels, motels and property management.
Product code: J523
Price: $193.70
Outside Ant Bait Kit #507  
Kill ants before they come inside with this Gourmet Organic Bait and Ants-No-More Ant Bait Stations. More effective than pre-filled stations and less money, too.
Product code: J507
Price: $61.62
Professional Carpenter Bee Kit  
Use this kit on UNFINISHED WOOD, to get rid of carpenter bees and keep them away. A one, two punch. Put the Delta dust in the bee holes to kill the bees and contaminate the nest so bees won't return. Then spray the exterior UNFINISHED wood with Tengard SFR to discourage bees from drilling new holes. 1-2, gone.
Product code: J508
Price: $58.82
Indoor Flea and Tick Treatment Kit  
This kit contains (2)-20oz. aereosol flea killer sprays that contain an IGR and an Adulticide. Each can treats 2,625 sq. ft. (1) 16 oz. spray bottle of Petcor to complete the flea treatment on your pets.
Product code: J542
Price: $54.23
Advance Termite Bait System                                           Complete Pre-Loaded Pro Kit  
The Advance Termite Baiting System is a preventative measure used to keep termites from targeting your home in the first place. Comes in a variety of different kit sizes to handle any size home.
Product code: J310
Price: $243.95
Commercial Pantry Pest Kit  
Commercial Kitchen pest elimination kit. Restaurants and kitchens use this kit to eliminate stored product pests like Indian Meal Moths and Drain Flies.
Product code: J636
Price: $68.67
Fastrac Rat and Mouse Killer Kit  
The Fastrac Rat/Mouse Killer Kit is a sure fire way to get rid of even the worst rat or mouse infestations. The kit comes with a 4 Lb pail of Fastrac Bait Blox and 2 Protecta Rat Bait Stations.
Product code: J200
Price: $109.59