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How to Choose a Pesticide Sprayer



How to choose a Pesticide Sprayer

According to PestMD.net If you are going to do your own pest control you will need a good pesticide sprayer, one built to last several years and comes equipped with viton seals and gaskets, a better spray wand and no drip spray tip, some even have replaceable parts and more rugged construction.

Sounds like I just described the B&G Classic Professional pesticide sprayer used by professional Exterminators nation wide. But there is an alternative to that expensive $250 sprayer. It’s inexpensive but has many of the desirable sprayer options that make your job turn out better and the price is well afforable. Follow this link to learn about the B&G Home Professional Sprayer.

Garden sprayers or sprayer purchased at the local Hardware store aren't made for pest control products. Usually using a pesticide in a sprayer with plain rubber seals and gaskets, some element or combination of elements, cause the gaskets and seals to swell, and finally close. This sprayer is now useless, alas money wasted.

Pesticide Sprayer Tips

Your pesticide sprayer should be able to Focus a Pin Stream and a Fan Spray Pattern. With an adjustable tip. Or changeable tip.

INDOORS: Most chemical products call for crack and crevice treatment indoors. You are looking for fine placement of product here. Putting it right where you want it, with little or no over spray anticipated.

OUTDOORS: Although your pin stream will come in handy treating outdoor home pest entry points, you need the fan spray even more outdoors. Use fan sprays for lawn sprays, outside woodwork, and shrubbery sprays.

The B&G Classic Sprayer is the first choice of most professional pest providers from coast to coast. It is a precise piece of equipment that may last up to 30 years or more. All parts are replaceable and rebuild-able. They allow for precise placement  It’s a stainless steel and brass beauty. The bad news is they cost over $250 so most homeowners do not use them. The good news is B&G makes a good homeowner model available to the general public at an affordable price. Take a look at the B&G Home Professional Pesticide Sprayer here.