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60" Professional Animal Graspers Small Jaws 5BAGSJ
Product Id: J2067

60" Professional Animal Graspers Small Jaws 5BAGSJ

Price: $109.99

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The Strongest Animal Grabber on the Market Today

The 5 Foot Long Heavy Duty Animal Grasper is a great choice if you want the extra length that a 5 foot animal grasper has to offer. The grip anywhere style long black grip allows the user to be able to handle any size animal from this distance with ease. The only thing that limits the size of your animal with these poles, other then the size of the jaws, is how strong your grip is. If it fits in the jaws of the grasper, you can hold it. The 5 Foot long Heavy Duty Animal Graspers are manufactured with the same size jaws that are currently sold by many other companies. The only difference is ours are much stronger because we use tempered aluminum and everyone else uses cast aluminum. Try one of our graspers and see the difference for yourself. You'll never get another animal grasper from anywhere else again.

These standard size jaws make it possible to use your graspers on small to medium sized animals, and being that all of our graspers are made from tempered billet aluminum, they will handle almost any animal with ease. The aluminum tube that is used on these poles is the same that is used in our animal control poles so you know that these tubes can  handle the most aggressive animal. Additionally, the same style "grip anywhere" rubber textured grip that is on our animal control poles is also on our animal graspers for extra leverage when handling any animal.

These high quality graspers can also be used by the elderly or handicapped to retrieve objects off of high shelves or from other hard to reach areas.

  • 5 feet in length
  • 4 inch jaws
  • Constructed of tempered aluminum
  • "Grip Anywhere" rubber  textured tube grip
  • Gently persuades animals out of their cages or holding pens
  • Great for the elderly or handicapped for easy retrieval of items on high shelves or in hard to reach areas
  • Used by many animal control officers, veterinarians, animal removal companies, zoos and animal wranglers around the country.
  • Smooth contoured jaws restrain animal humanely while minimizing discomfort to the animal.


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