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Advance Termite Bait System                                           Complete Pre-Loaded Pro Kit
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Advance Termite Bait System Complete Pre-Loaded Pro Kit

Advance Termite Bait System:
(1) Advance Termite Bait System with (10) stations: $243.95

(1) Advance Termite Bait System with (15) stations: $290.95

(1) Advance Termite Bait System with (20) stations: $328.00

(1) Advance Termite Bait System with (20) stations + Dominion 2L (27.5 oz): $350.16

(2) Advance Termite Bait System with (20) stations ea.: $630.00

Add 1 Bottle Dominion 2L:
Compare to Termidor at half the price!: $24.33
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Connecticut, New York

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  • 10, 15 or 20 Complete Termite Bait Stations (depending on the size kit you choose). 
    • All stations come preloaded with Inspection Cartridge and Wood Monitors
    • All stations ready for placement
  • All kits come with one metal Station Key
  • All Station Lids are included
  • One box of six (6) Active Baits. (each Kit contains 6 active baits)

In the fall of 2003 Whit mir Micro-Gen entered the termite bait market segment with a value added dual-stage system design. Our design (developed with PMP ‚Äčinput) offered better performance and superior technician serviceability than previous systems. Today hundreds of thousands of homes have been protected with the Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS). PMPs who have adopted the system have consistently described the unprecedented results they have achieved with this revolutionary bait system–fast station hits often in 15-45 days, colony elimination as fast as 120 days and heavy recruitment of termites never seen before.

PMPs understand that termite baiting is a process and not an event and recognize that in order for a bait system to keep working at peak performance to protect their customers’ homes, the system must be maintained. The following information helps to answer many of the questions commonly asked by PMPs on how to maintain the Advance Termite Bait System for peak performance.

See complete instructions on installation and system care. Also see step by step pictures below.


 Important Product Information:

Active Ingredient:

0.25% Diflubenzuron
Target Pests: Subterranean Termites
For Use In: For use outdoors, the station is weather resistant

Place the stations in the ground at 7 to 10 ft. intervals


Each station is important and needs to be serviced once every 90 days. Replacement of baits, both wood blocks and the inspection cartridge at least one per year in the beginning of the Spring season.

Pet Safe: Yes, these stations are tamper resistant from children and pets

The station meets the highest level of tamper-resistance, recognized by the EPA
Tamper-resistant to both kids and dogs
Capable of killing in as little as 2 days

Manufactured by: Whitmire Micro-gen

Directions For Use:

Install the Advance Termite Bait System Around the Perimeter of your home by digging holes 10 ft. apart from each other 3 ft. from the exterior wall of the home.  Dig the holes with either a shovel or a post hole digger.  When digging the holes make sure that each hole is 9" deep as this will allow water to drain from under the station instead of pooling up causing mold and mildew on the wood monitor block.  If mold forms on the wood block the termite will be less likely to eat it.  Also when digging your holes make sure that they are not under the direct drip line of your roof, either place them inside the drip line or outside the drip line.  Placing the stations in the drip line will cause a build up of excess water and again mold or mildew on the wood monitors.  Once the holes are dug, place the station against one side of the hole and push the dirt into the rest of the void, filling it in.  Make sure that the stations are flush with the ground.

Check your stations at least once every 3 months for termite activity and for bait quality.  To do Just follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the bait system lid with you spider access tool
  2. Check inside to see if there is any activity (the station will be filled with dirt or mud if termites are present).
  3. If termites are present then take a curved thin tool like a cotter pin puller and remove the inspection cartridge from the station making sure to disturb the termites as less as possible.
  4. If the cartridge has had 2 of the 3 disks eaten,  Replace the inspection cartridge with a Active Bait Cartridge.
  5. Close the lid and check again in another 3 months

Note: Never touch the Termite wood monitor, inspection cartridge, or active bait cartridge with bare hands as termites are very sensitive and can sense your scent on the cartridges, making them less likely to eat the bait.

The Advance Termite Bait System requires that you do an annual maintance on the station to ensure quality of the bait.  To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Pull TIC Cartridge out with cotter pin puller to check for termite presence.  Look down into TMB for termites. If no termites are found, proceed to the next step.  If termites are found DO NOT perform scheduled replacement at this time, rather replace TIC with an Advance Compressed termite bait cartridge.

  2. Attempt to remove wooden TMB with cotter pin puller.  If this does not work, utilize nail claw.  Place debris in discard bucket.

  3. Place cordless drill with clean-out auger attached into the bottom of the station.  Make sure the tip of the auger is inside the hole at the bottom of the station.  Start drill rotation and move drill slightly up and down to remove debris.  Sweep station off with hand.

  4. Place new TMB into station.

  5. Replace with a new TIC only if it merits replacement due to:
    -Mold issues
    -Other issues
    -Slime issues
    Replace TIC at least every 15 months.  If TIC looks acceptable, place back into station until next visit and evaluation

  6. Close the station by securing the lid.



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