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CB Borid Dust with Boric Acid has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Please see Boractin asa product replacement.
CB Borid Dust with Boric Acid
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CB Borid Dust with Boric Acid


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Long-term treatment, remains effective as long as it remains dry and accessible to insects. Non-resistent, odorless, and non-repellent. Purposely colored blue for safety in food handling establishments.

Use Boric Acid Dust in The Following Areas:
Food Handling and processing facilities, food storage areas, warehouses, restaurants, residential areas, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, offices apartments, new building construction, attics, hotels, ships, buses, sewers and drains.

Important Product Information:

Active ingredient: Orthoboric Acid ..... 99.0%
Target Pests: Cock roaches, palmettobugs, darkling beetles, waterbugs, ants excluding Carpenter ants) and Silverfish, drywood termites.
Conatiner size: 1-lb bottles and 5-lb pails
 Yeild:  1-lb. will treat 1,000 sq. ft.
 Pet friendly:  Yes, use according to the product label.
Manufacturer:  Waterbury

 Treatment Tips:

1. Under and behind appliances.
2. In plumbing voids accessible through holes, around plumbing and drains.
3. In void areas under kitchen and bathroom cabinets (Note: Many cabinets have a gap at the top of the kickplate which offers easy access. If not, drill a small hole at the top of the kickplate.).
4. In drawer wells of cabinets.
5. In cracks around windows, doors, baseplates, fixtures and cabinets.
6. In utility rooms, under and behind hot water heaters, washers and dryers. Be sure to dust plumbing voids
7. In attics, around the perimeter and vent pipes, above kitchens and baths.
8. Around the perimeter of dropped ceilings
9. Into pits of elevator shafts, dumb-waiters and trash chutes.
10. Under and behind pallets and boxes in storage areas


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