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Essentria™ Broadcast Insecticide (17 oz. Can)
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Essentria™ Broadcast Insecticide (17 oz. Can)

Broadcast Insecticide:
Broadcast Insecticide (1) 17-oz. can: $17.80

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Broadcast Insecticide Case (6) 17-oz. cans: $64.50


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Essentria Broadcast Bedbug Insecticide

Few insects cause as much fear among consumers as bed bugs. And with good reason, they’re tough to control, often resistant to synthetic insecticides and spreading rapidly across many parts of the country.

Now there’s a convenient, effective and natural solution to bed bug concerns: Essentria™ Broadcast Insecticide for Mattresses, Carpet and Furniture.

Essentria bed bug killer products contain all-natural essential oils that work fast, effectively and are FIFRA 25(b) exempt. By offering a tandem package of Broadcast Insecticide MCF for home use and Essentria Bed Bug Repellent Travel Size, you’ll provide peace of mind for customers at home and away.

Key Performance Benefits

Fast knockdown and kill of adult bed bugs, fleas, dust mites and their eggs
Unique mode of action controls pyrethroid resistant strains
An excellent choice for sensitive accounts and interior applications for residential and commercial accounts

National Organics Program (NOP) compliant

Active Ingredients: ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:
2-Phenethyl Propionate ..... 3.00%
Rosemary Oil ..... 1.50%
Peppermint Oil .... 1.50%
Water, 2-Propanol, Wintergreen Oil, White Mineral Oil,
Polyglyceryl oleate .... 94.00%
Target Pests: All stages of bed bugs, fleas, dust mites including their eggs
Use on: For use on luggage, mattresses, box springs, headboards, walls, floors, carpeting, baseboards and furniture.
Not for sale in: N/A
Manufacturer:  Envincio


Essentria provides fast knockdown and kill of adult bed bugs, fleas, dust mites and their eggs. Safe to use indoors and out.  An excellent choice for sensitive accounts and interiors where children and pets are a concern.

Bed Bug Treatments

FOR BEST RESULTS: Vacuum infested room thoroughly including mattress, foundation/box springs and upholstered furniture before using this product. Vacuum the carpet/rugs/flooring, especially where the carpet/flooring meets wall near the head of the bed. Take vacuum cleaner bag to the outdoor trash immediately.

FOR MATTRESS APPLICATIONS: Remove all bedding and wash in hot water. Remove the mattress and box spring from bed. Hold can 6 inches from mattress and spray across all folds, tufts, seams and edging until damp. Also spray the seams and underside of the box spring. Allow mattress and box springs to dry completely before placing back on bed and putting on bedding. Repeat as necessary.

FOR CARPET/RUG APPLICATIONS: Hold can 2 feet from floor and spray carpet/rug using a smooth back and forth
sweeping motion. Focus on areas where bed bugs may hide or rest. Spray entire carpet in room. The critical areas are carpeting/rugs adjacent and under the bed. Spray until damp. Avoid over-wetting or saturating carpets/rugs. Allow carpet/ rugs to dry completely and vacuum again. Repeat as necessary.

NOTE: Effective bed bug control typically requires thorough and multiple applications. This product contains plant oils which are inherently fragrant. For people who are fragrance or plant oil sensitive, test a small application before using over a larger area. While staining is unlikely, as with most household products it is recommended to test for staining on an inconspicuous area of all surfaces to be sprayed before using. Wipe away excess product on furniture immediately after application. To prevent slipping on hard surfaces, wipe away excess product with a damp cloth.

Most effective results are achieved when used as part of a treatment protocol that includes physical, environmental and other chemical pest control measures.


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