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Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust
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Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust

Evergreen Dust:
Evergreen Dust (1) 10-oz. bottle: $22.25

Evergreen Dust (2) 10-oz. bottles: $35.45

Evergreen Dust (6) 10 oz. Bottles: $105.99


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Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust

EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust is a fast insecticide dust for a broad range of insect control. Kills over 230 pest including Bed Bugs.

Use EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust in conjunction with other IPM strategies including the use of Onslaught® Microencapulated Insecticide  and Bedlam® Insecticide for Bedbugs.

Apply Evergreen® Pyrethrum Dust using a dust applicator, a shaker can, dust gun, puffer or
other bulbous duster, hand pump duster, hand operated rotary duster, static charge duster,
or other appropriate hand operated duster.


  • Fast Kill
  • Contains unsynergized pure pyrethrum - a Botanical Insecticide derived from a chrysanthemum flower
  • Controls over 230 insects including Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, German Cockroaches, and Ticks
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Food/Feed Area Use
  • Great for sensitive accounts
  • A green solution for common household insects
  • OMRI CERTIFIED as a natural, organic insecticide

EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust® is a fast insecticide dust for a broad range of insect control over 130 types of insects including Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, German Cockroaches, and Ticks.  Evergreen contains unsynergized pure pyrethrum – a botanical insecticide derived from a chrysanthemum flower and is labeled for indoor and outdoor use and well as food/feed areas.

Important Product Information:

Active Ingredient:

Pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide ..... 1.00%
Target Pests: Adelgids, Alfalfa Weevil, Almond Moth, American Black, Flour Beetle, Angoumois Grain Moths, Ants, Aphids, Apple Maggot, Armyworms, Asian Cerambycid Beetles, Asian Lady Beetle, Asian Pine Tip Moths, Bagworm, Barn Flies, Bat Bugs, Bean Beetles, Been Weevils, Bed Bugs, Beet Armyworms, Beetles, Birch Leafminer, Black Carpet Beetles, Black Fungus Beetles, Black Turpentine Beetles, Black Vine Weevil, Blacklegged Tick Nymphs, Blister Beetles, Blow Flies, Booklice, Bottle Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Broadhorned Flour Beetles, Broadnosed Grain Weevils, Brown Spider Beetles, Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle, Budworms, Bugs, Cadelles, California Oakworm, Cankerworms, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Carrion Beetles, Carrot Weevil, Caterpillars, Catorama Beetles, Centipedes, Cereal Beetles, Cheese Mites, Cheese Skippers, Chicken Mites, Chocolate Moths, Chrysanthemum Leaf Miners, Cicadas, Cigarette Beetle, Clearwing Borer, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Clover Weevil, Cluster Flies, Cocoa Bean Moths, Coffee Bean Weevils, Cone Beetles, Cone Worms, Confused Flour Beetle, Conifer Spider Mite (Adult), Corn Sap Beetles, Cottonwood Borer, Cottonwood Leaf Beetles, Cranbury Girdlers, Crane Flies, Crickets, Cross-striped Cabbageworm, Cucumber Beetles, Cutworms (exposed), Dark Mealworms, Darkling Beetles (lesser meal worm), Deer Tick, Depressed Flour Beetles, Dermestid Beetles, Diamondback Larvae, Dingy Cutworm Adult, Douglas Fir Midge, Douglas Fir Tussock Moth, Drain Flies, Dried Fruit Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Eastern Tent Caterpiller, Elmleaf Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, European Grain Moths, European Pine Shoot Moth, European Pine Tip Moth, Face Flies, Fall Cankerworms, Fall Webworm, Fannia Flies, Field Crickets, FirebratsM, Fireworms, Flat Grain Beetles, Flea Beetles, Fleas, Flies, Flying Moths, Foreign Grain Beetles, Forest Tent Caterpillar, Fruit Flies, Fruittreee Leafroller, Fungus Beetles, Fungus Gnats, German Cockroaches, Giant Root Aphid, Glassy Winged Sharpshooter, Grain Mites, Granary Insects, Granary Weevils, Grape Leaf Skeletonizer, Grape Leafhopper, Grasshoppers, Green Fruit Worm, Green Peach Aphid, Greenbugs, Greenhouse Thrips, Ground Beetles, Gypsy Moth (adults & larvae), Hairy Fungus Beetles, Hairy Spider Beetles, Harlequin Bug, Heliothis spp., Hessian Fly (Adult), Hide Beetles, Hornworm, Inchworm, Indian Meal Moth, Iris Borer, Japanese Beetle, Katydids,Khapra Beetles, Lace Bugs, Large Black Flour Beetles, Larger Cabinet Beetles, Larger Grain Borers, Leafhoppers, Leafminers, Leafrollers, Leaftiers, Lesser Grain Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Lesser Meal Worm, Lesser Peach Tree Borer, Longheaded Flour Beetles, Loopers, Lygus Bugs, Maize Weevils, Mealy Bugs, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Merchant Grain Beetles, Mexican Bean Beetle, Mexican Grain Beetles, Millers, Millipedes, Mimosa Webworm, Mole Crickets, Moth Flies, Murmidius Beetles, Mushroom Flies, Nantucket Pine Tip Moth, Northern Fowl Mites, Onion Maggot, Palmetto Bug, Peach Twig Borer, Pear Psylla, Pillbugs, Pine Bark Beetles, Pine Engraver, Pink Scavenger, Caterpillers, Pinworms, Plant Bugs, Plum Curculio, Ponderosa Pine Needle Miner, Poultry Lice, Powder Post Beetles, Psocids, Psyllids, Red Flour Beetles, Red Gum, Lerp Psyllid, Red Horned, Grain Beetles, Red Lily Beetles, Red Oak Borer, Redbanded Leafroller, Rice Flour Beetles, Rice Moths, Rice Weevils, Root Weevils, Rose Chafer, Royal Palm Bugs, Rusty Grain Beetles, Saw Flies, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle, Scale (Crawlers), Seedbugs, Silverfish, Skipper Flies, Skippers, Slenderhorned Flour Beetles, Small Flying Moths, Small Fruit Flies, Smalleyed Flour Beetles, Southern Pine Beetles, Southern Red Mite (Adult), Sowbugs, Spider Beetles, Spider Mites, Spruce Mite (Adult), Squarenecked Grain Beetles, Stable Flies, Stalk Borers, Stink Bugs, Stored Product Pests, Subtropical Pine Tip Moth, Sycamore Leaf Beetle, Tarnished Plant Bug, Tent Caterpillar, Thrips, Tobacco Moths, Trogoderma Beetles, Two-Banded Beetles, Vegetable Leaf Miners, Vinegar Flies, Warehouse Beetles, Waterbugs, Webworms, Weevils, Western Pine Tip Moth, White Apple Leafroller, White Marked Spider Beetles, Whiteflies, Wireworms, Yellow Mealworms
For Use In: May be used on Livestock Animals and Livestock Premises, residential and commercial

10-oz. bottle

Pet Safe: Do not use around children or pets and allow to dry completely before they come into contact with the product. Cover aquariums when using.

Certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program (OMRI)

Manufactured by: MGK Corp.


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