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Mosquito Eliminator
Product Id: J2211

Mosquito Eliminator

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Mosquito Eliminator

The Mosquito Eliminator by Paraclipse is a decorative mosquito elimination system that is designed for outdoor use. The Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator lets you take back your outdoor spaces. This decorative system combines a proprietary Ultraviolet black-light technology with special attractants to lure mosquitos.

Used free-standing or wall mounted, the Mosquito Eliminator is a powerful, effective and environmentally safe way to control disease-carrying mosquitos. The patented auto-advance cartridge lasts 30 days and can capture thousands of mosquitos!

The Mosquito Eliminator is also effective at attracting and capturing midges and other irritating pests. Disposal of the cartridge is safe and sanitary. The Mosquito Eliminator ends the noise and unsanitary scattering of insect parts from bug zappers and avoids hazards from toxic chemical pesticides.

For use in and around  Patios, Decks, Outdoor Eating Areas, Pools, Gardens, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Restaurants, Outdoor Fitness Areas, Horse Barns and any other areas where small flying insects are a problem.


  • Effective 5,000 square foot coverage!
  • Stylish design blends into most environments
  • Self Advancing 30 day cartridge
  • Captures insects whole - no exploding bug parts
  • Customers/Guests are unaware that it is a mosquito/flying insect trap.
  • Wall mounted or free standing. Proprietary black light technology combined with special attractants.
  • The trapping system is environmentally friendly and meets applicable guidelines
  • Dimensions: 21"H x7.75"W x7.0"L

The Mosquito Eliminator is a discreet unit designed to catch mosquitos, midges, gnats and other small flying insects. It uses a self advancing sticky cartridge that lasts 30 days and captures THOUSANDS of disease carrying mosquitos discreetly.

Model Number 650110
Dimensions 21"H x7.75"W x7.0"L
Electrical 115/120V 50/60 Hz, 4 foot Cord
Cartridge Life 21 - 30 days depending on insect catch
Coverage Line of sight
Manufacturer Paraclipse
Cartridge Surface Area 584 square inches
Capacity Thousands
Captures Mosquitos, midges, gnats, noseeums, other small flying insects



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